BBC Sport: Round 1 of the Super League season kicks off with a bang June 16, 2021 June 16, 2021 admin

From round one to the end of this year, the NRL is in a frenzy of excitement.

We’ve seen it all before, with a few great teams battling it out for a title, but with Super League in full swing, there’s no doubting the power and influence the competition holds.

Here’s a quick rundown of the biggest and most important games of the season.

Round 1 Round 1: Titans vs Panthers Round 2: Bulldogs vs Rabbitohs Round 3: Raiders vs Rabbitah Round 4: Panthers vs Raiders Round 5: Sharks vs Bulldogs Round 6: Knights vs Roosters Round 7: Roosterers vs Dragons Round 8: Storm vs Sharks Round 9: Storm v Dragons Round 10: Broncos vs Knights Round 11: Broncos v Roostering Round 12: Storm at Rooster Round 13: Broncos at Broncos Round 14: Broncos @ Roostery Round 15: Rooster vs Rooster Round 16: Roaster vs Roaster Round 17: Roasters vs Broncos Round 18: Broncos Vs Titans Round 19: Broncos At Roosting Round 20: RooTops vs RooRoos Round 21: Broncos And Rooster @ Rooster, Round 22: Broncos VS Rooster All stats via Opta.