‘Frozen’ has a story to tell – and the best place to find it in Canada August 16, 2021 August 16, 2021 admin

Author Peter Jones discusses his new book, Frozen, a look at the story of the Frozen franchise.

It explores the history of the franchise from the beginning and tells the story from the perspective of the characters in the films.

The book also reveals the history behind the production of the first film in 1989, The Little Mermaid, and the development of the sequel Frozen Fever.

Read more about Frozen:Peter JonesPeter Jones is a science writer, journalist, broadcaster and author.

His work has appeared in the New Scientist, The Australian, The Daily Telegraph, The Atlantic, New Scientist and The Washington Post.

He is currently a visiting fellow at the Centre for Global Development and the former director of the Centre’s Centre for Public Affairs Research.