How to avoid being shot by an AR-15 in Washington DC October 14, 2021 October 14, 2021 admin

This is not your grandfather’s AR-16.

This is a semi-automatic rifle.

The gun is designed to fire as many rounds as it can within seconds of a trigger pull.

It’s so accurate, the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives has labeled it a semi automatic rifle.

It is designed for a single-shot burst, which is what most people mean when they talk about an AR.

That’s why the gun is called an AR, and it is a popular gun in the District.

And while it’s not a gun like the AR-556, which was popularized by the Navy, it does have some advantages over other semi-automatics.

For starters, it fires from the rear.

That means you have a better chance of hitting someone in the chest, a shoulder, a head or a neck.

But the gun also has the advantages of being easy to conceal.

If you’re walking through a crowded street or walking into a restaurant or a bar and you see someone shooting at you, you won’t notice the gun.

There are three ways you can avoid getting hit: Stay where you are and walk through the gunfire.

Avoid being on the other side of the street.

Stay away from people who are holding their weapon or who might be armed.

And always remember to keep your hands in the air when you are firing.

There is no need to take cover in your car or on the sidewalk.

“It’s really hard to do a walk-through,” said John McElroy, the director of the Center for Urban Security at George Mason University.

He added that even when the gun was pointed in your direction, the bullet would still go through your body.

You might get shot by a bullet, but the bullet will go through the body anyway.

You won’t be hit by a person holding a gun in a restaurant.

But you’ll definitely be hit when you get hit by someone holding an AR rifle in a crowded area.

There’s no law against carrying a gun if you have one and you’re out and about, McElry said.

“The fact that there’s no state law that bans AR rifles does not mean that the gun doesn’t exist,” McElrow said.

He noted that the District has been using AR-style rifles since 2009, and some of the guns are so deadly that they are considered semi-auto weapons.

But he noted that most of the weapons are legal.

But if you happen to be in a neighborhood with a high crime rate, he said, “you might want to think about getting out of the way.”

The Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority recently approved new rules that will require all new AR-type rifles and shotguns to be locked up at all times and be kept away from children, the elderly or anyone with a mental health issue.

But there are some exceptions, according to a news release from the agency.

The new rules will not apply to certain semi-armor rifles that are already legally owned by the transit authority, including the AK-47, the M-16, the SBR and the AR.

“These guns are designed for use by law enforcement officers and are designed to be lethal and are not meant for civilians to use,” the agency said.

But some people who have bought AR-like guns in the past have also used them to commit crimes.

The most recent case of an AR being used to commit a crime was reported in March.

It happened in the area of 11th and K streets NW.

In the video, an unidentified man was seen pointing a .223 caliber AR-10 at a group of people as they gathered in a park.

One of the victims in the video had an AR and was shot multiple times in the face.

The man, identified as Eric Johnson, was charged with aggravated assault and criminal trespass.

He is being held on $100,000 bail.

He told police that he believed he was doing the right thing and wanted to help others.

But in the days after the incident, he started to wonder whether he should have been carrying a weapon.

“I don’t think I was ready for the responsibility of having a gun,” he told The Washington Post.

Johnson has since become a licensed firearms dealer and was not charged with a crime.

But because of the new rules, Johnson can no longer own an AR or carry it on his person.

It also makes him ineligible to buy any other gun.

McElray said that if a person is shot while walking in a busy street, he doesn’t know what to do.

“What you should do is just walk away and get out of there,” McELRY said.

In another recent incident, a man was fatally shot in front of his wife and three children in a parking lot near a Metro station.

The shooting occurred just after 7 p.m. in the 2500 block of 15th Street NW, near the Washington Monument.

The victim, identified by police as 32