How to build a football training complex August 8, 2021 August 8, 2021 admin

A training complex in central Rome was built in a year, in less than four months, by a young developer with a vision to transform the capital’s central train station.

The €1.6 million complex, which includes a gymnasium, a children’s play area and a school building, is the latest in a series of projects that have sprung up around the city in recent years, including a training facility for the national team and a shopping mall.

The former sports arena, which was built by the firm Kestrel, was recently unveiled, with plans to make it an attraction for tourists, and is part of a broader project that aims to improve infrastructure in central and northern Rome.

The project’s director, Mario Marzullo, told Italian news agency ANSA that the complex will allow for “a lot of new possibilities”, and that the plan was to transform it into a “social centre”.

“We are a social hub for all the citizens of Rome, and the idea of a training centre for youth is an ideal way to attract young people to Rome,” he said.

“A sports complex has been a long-standing dream of mine, and it’s been one of the most difficult projects that I have faced, but it has now turned into reality.”

The building, which is located at the intersection of the Colosseum and the Via di Valletta, was first proposed in 2016.

The developer wanted to make the project a public-private partnership, but the city council said that a private developer was not allowed to participate in the process.

Marzullos team of developers was then able to build the complex in the first half of 2018, and began construction in late June, after an initial €1 million grant.

The complex is expected to be completed in 2019, and will have a capacity of 800 people.

The site has been in the works for almost a year.

The city council gave the go-ahead for the development in September, and a project team consisting of the developers, architects, designers and civil engineers is now in place.

The work, however, took two years to complete, as the building was delayed because of a lack of funds.

The project was then delayed by another year because of financial difficulties.

According to the architects, the complex has the potential to be a new kind of training centre, with the facilities designed to be accessible to all, and that they will offer a wide range of sports activities.

The facility, the developers hope, will also provide a new economic opportunity for the city.

“The main reason we decided to undertake this project was to have an alternative to the existing train stations, and this will be the main reason why we have been able to achieve this result,” Marzollos said.