How to get into Sydney’s new ‘battle station’ building September 9, 2021 September 9, 2021 admin

It was an old building that was being converted into a new battle station building.

But not everyone can see it, even though it has been declared a battle site.

The Battle of Boroondara was a British naval engagement during World War II, in which Australia, Britain and New Zealand fought against a Japanese attack off the coast of Sydney.

It was a major event in Australia’s war effort and was considered a key moment in the Australian military’s development.

The Sydney building was first proposed in the early 1990s, with plans to build a new building.

The Government agreed in 1996 to pay $5 million towards the project, and the building was then declared a “battle site”.

It was only in 2010 that the NSW Government approved another $5.5 million for the project.

Now, the Government has said the building is in the “final stages” of its conversion to a battle station.

A statement from NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian said the battle site will be a “critical element” in the development of the new Battle of Brisbane.

She said the new building will be “a strategic element” of the Battle of Australia, and said it would be a significant element of the “great vision” for the State.

“We’ve got to be strategic with our battle sites and strategic with where we are building our military,” Ms Berejkalian said.

The NSW Government has already paid $5 billion towards the building, and $3 million of that will go towards building the new structure.

The State Government has also committed to providing $7.5 billion in funding for new rail projects.

Ms Berejko said the State Government would provide funding for the new battle site as well as providing “the necessary support to enable the completion of the redevelopment project”.

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