How to get to your next car without having to drive the entire length of a freeway August 19, 2021 August 19, 2021 admin

From the start, you’ll want to be able to get from point A to point B on the freeway in under an hour.

That’s a lot of time to walk to and from your destination.

But when you’re a new driver, getting there from point B can be daunting.

The following map shows the quickest route you can take from point C to point D without a car.

The yellow line indicates the best way to get there and the red line indicates how long it takes to get back.

How to Get There: 1.

Head to the nearest gas station or convenience store and pay for a full tank of gas.


Get in your car.


Take a few photos.


Wait a few minutes for the gas to refill and then park the car.


After that, head to your destination, take a quick photo of the way, and take your first car ride.


Repeat this process until you get to point C. 7.

Once there, drive a few more blocks to your hotel, or the nearest fast food outlet.


Take the same route you took to get here and walk a few blocks to point E, taking the same photos as before.


At point E and take another photo.


At this point, you’re ready to drive to point F. If you’re driving, make sure you have a map so you know where the nearest car is. 11.

Go to point H. 12.

Take that same route to point I, and wait for a few seconds for the water to refill.


Take another photo, wait a few moments for the next refill, and then head to point J. 14.

At that point, take another photograph, wait for the refills to refill, drive another few blocks, and finally stop in point K. 15.

Repeat the process to get all the way to point A. 16.

After you’ve taken your first taxi ride to point L, you can start your journey at point M, driving through the city and the surrounding areas.


At the end of your trip, you have to wait for your car to refill in point N. 18.

At Point N, take your next taxi ride and then take your car off the freeway.

The following map displays the fastest route you could take from a gas station to your home by car in under three hours.

It was drawn by car service provider Corrigan in response to a recent question about whether people should take their cars on the freeways.

The map is based on data provided by the US Department of Transportation.