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A massive wildfire that has burned through the alston, Ont., neighbourhood of Toronto has damaged more than 1,200 buildings.

The blaze broke out Wednesday afternoon and was burning for nearly a week before it was contained.

“It was a total catastrophe and the damage was unbelievable,” said Matt O’Donnell, who works in a neighbouring building.

“The buildings were all blown away.

It’s just been a disaster.”

Residents were allowed back into their homes but some were still forced to evacuate.

Firefighters had to stay in the city for three days to contain the blaze.

Residents were told to return home for the next several days as the fire was contained to one building, which was destroyed, and one structure in an adjacent residential area.

There were no reports of injuries.

Fire chief Doug O’Brien says the blaze destroyed more than 200 structures.

“We had a couple of hundred people that had been displaced from the neighbourhood,” he said.

“So they were able to get back into that area and we’ve had to evacuate some residents that were not able to return.”

Some residents who were able return to their homes are still trying to salvage their belongings.

“I still have my clothes and my belongings,” said Elizabeth, who lives in a building near the blaze site.

“They’ve been ripped apart.

It is just like an empty building.”

She said she was unable to return to her house because she was too distraught to leave.

“There’s not a place in this world I can be right now,” she said.

There is no word on whether any of the buildings in the neighbourhood have been damaged or destroyed by the fire.