How to watch the Supreme Court nomination hearing: The justices’ big day in the sun September 27, 2021 September 27, 2021 admin

The Supreme Court is poised to take up the latest of President Donald Trump’s nominees on Tuesday.

The panel is set to hear a trio of Trump appointees — Michael Fisher, Neil Gorsuch, and David Stras — who would fill the vacancy left by Justice Antonin Scalia’s death.

In a rare, high-profile move, the justices will take the rare step of nominating their own justices, who will be sworn in by Trump.

This is an unusual process, and in some ways, the nomination process could be considered an unusual exercise of judicial power.

The court’s justices typically get up in the morning and work on their cases until noon.

That means they’re expected to make a few changes, and they’re likely to face a number of questions from senators and lawmakers about their credentials, and their ability to make decisions on matters of great public interest.

On Monday, Justice Clarence Thomas was expected to take the oath of office.

But his swearing-in will be delayed while he is undergoing a kidney transplant.

The justices have been holding their hearings since early January, when they held them in the Capitol for the first time since the death of Justice Clarence Thompson.

The hearings have attracted national attention, with more than 40 million people tuning in to hear oral arguments.

Trump has often used the hearings as an opportunity to defend himself and attack judicial nominees, including Fisher, Gorsuch, Stras, and Justice Neil Gorsuch.

But on Tuesday, Trump will be giving a speech, during which he’ll likely say something about the judicial system or the Supreme Courts in general.

His speech is expected to be peppered with comments about the court, its nominees, and his own presidency.

And it’s unclear when the justices are going to make their picks.

Trump has made some high-level appointments in recent months, including Brett Kavanaugh, his pick to fill the seat of Justice Antonine Scalia.

Trump and his allies have also signaled they may not have enough time to get through a series of court nominees, with several of Trump’s top judicial picks awaiting confirmation hearings.