How Trump built his ‘biggest infrastructure project’ July 14, 2021 July 14, 2021 admin

Building on his “biggest” infrastructure project, President Donald Trump’s administration on Wednesday announced that it is building a $1.5 trillion, three-phase, $1 trillion infrastructure project to support the nation’s economic growth and boost the economy.

The $1,600 billion, three million-foot tall Gateway Arch, the tallest structure in the world, will support a $100 billion infrastructural project that will provide transportation links to New York, the Midwest, and the Northeast.

The Gateway Arch will be built with a total cost of $1 billion.

The White House has said it will support the project with the same federal funding that has been used to fund the construction of Trump Tower in Manhattan.

The project is also the latest sign of Trump’s commitment to bolstering infrastructure spending.

Trump has promised to spend $1 million for every new job created on his administration’s infrastructure projects.

In December, he said he would invest $100 million into infrastructure projects, including $200 million for highway improvements and $300 million to address the need for more transit.

The president has also pledged to “build the roads, the bridges, the airports, the ports, and all the other infrastructure that will make our country great again.”