Lego building station building opens in Newcastle August 22, 2021 August 22, 2021 admin

Newcastle’s building station has reopened after it was closed due to a fire in June.

Key points:Lego building site, which has been in use since the 1930s, was evacuated on June 11The site was reopened on June 22Lego and local businesses have been allowed to use itThe site is owned by the North East Ambulance Service, who said it was the first time they had opened a building site in New Zealand.

The building site was evacuated after the fire in Newcastle, but was reopened yesterday morning.

The fire, which killed two people and left one injured, was one of the largest in the city’s history.

Fire service crews responded to the fire, where a small number of buildings were destroyed.

“We’re pleased to be able to reopen this site and provide emergency services and medical care to our community, the fire service, our neighbours and the wider community in Newcastle,” Newcastle City Council chief executive officer Michael Macpherson said.

“The city has been very supportive and has done a great job with their resources to respond to this very serious incident and it’s a fantastic relief that this site has reopened.”

Fire service staff also worked on the site.

Fire services chief executive Michael Macphyson (left) and Fire Service chief executive David Whitehead are pictured at the site where the fire took place (pictured)The fire had been burning for four days, with temperatures in the 60s.

The council said a contractor had worked for weeks on the building site to keep the site safe.

The site, located near Newcastle’s Lambourn Station, was previously used for local businesses to set up and repair equipment.

The refurbished site has now reopened after the blaze was put out.

“This site has been an important part of our community for a long time, so we’re very pleased to see it back,” Mr Macphersonsaid.

“Our aim was to ensure it was safe to open and have it open as quickly as possible so that as many residents and businesses as possible could have access to this site, as well as those who are more at risk.”

Mr Macpherssonsays the fire had damaged more than 40 homes, and had cost Newcastle more than $40,000 to extinguish.

The City of Newcastle has also paid for the repair and has been providing financial support to the city.

“It’s a real honour for the city and for the people of Newcastle to be back to the work of repairing the site, and we are committed to working with the local authorities to make sure that all residents and business can continue to operate safely and prosper,” Mr Whitehead said.