Passenger trains run faster at Lynnhaven station September 24, 2021 September 24, 2021 admin

Lynnhaven, Illinois – The train at Lynnhardt station has a brand new locomotive.

And, in a move that has no parallel in modern American railroad history, the trains are running faster than at any other station in the country.

Lynnhardt is a commuter rail station located in the town of Lynnhaven on Illinois’ southern edge.

Its name means “Little Rock” in honor of its location on a mountain.

The town has been the site of a railroad since the Civil War and has been in the process of being converted to a commuter train station for decades.

A new locomotives were put into service on May 12.

Lynnhardt is now the fourth station in Illinois to have a new locomotor.

The train has also undergone some minor maintenance work.

But, the change hasn’t been all good news for passengers.

The station has seen more passenger rail accidents since the new trains were installed.

On Monday, the Illinois Department of Transportation reported that a train at the station was hit by another train.

The incident is under investigation.

In response, Lynnhardt said it is taking the train’s safety measures seriously and has taken steps to increase the train frequency on its platform, but that it is still working to ensure the safety of its passengers.

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