The best things you can do to save on petrol in Melbourne (and beyond) July 29, 2021 July 29, 2021 admin

From the moment you step into the pumps, the moment your petrol is empty, the journey will become a lot easier.

You can now simply buy your petrol at the pumps without having to worry about filling up with your favourite brand.

If you can’t find your preferred brand, you can always go to a petrol station and pick up a generic petrol pump.

The difference is, with petrol pumps, you won’t need to buy the brand you want.

There are plenty of petrol stations in Melbourne to choose from.

However, if you want to save a little cash, you should consider some of the best places to buy petrol in the city.

Here’s a list of the 10 best petrol stations to find petrol in Victoria.


Northbank Bank, Northbank, Sydney The Northbank is an iconic bank in Sydney’s CBD.

It is a place where you can go to buy a large range of different products.

The convenience of getting your petrol anywhere in the CBD makes this a perfect place to spend a Sunday afternoon.

A large amount of the petrol you buy at the Northbank comes from the Gold Coast and South Australia.


Southbank Bank Centre, Darlinghurst, Sydney  Southbank is the most convenient petrol station in Sydney and is home to the Gold and Platinum Club.

It also serves as the headquarters of the Sydney Swimming Club, which is a great place to pick up some of your favourite swimming outfits.


Woolworths, Darling, Sydney Woolworths is a small bank in Darlinghurst that is located right outside of the centre of town.


Paddy Power, North Brunswick, Sydney PaddyPower is a petrol retailer in North Brunswick and also a place to buy your favourite petrol products.


Shell, North Melbourne, Melbourne The Shell is an oil company in Melbourne’s CBD and is known for its high quality petrol and diesel.


Bank of New South Wales, North Ballarat, Sydney Bank of North Ballarra is a bank with an impressive history.

Its location is near the heart of the CBD.


Petrol Station, Wollongong, Sydney PetrolStation is the biggest petrol station of all.

Its located on the first floor of the main building of the Bank of NSW, so you can access the petrol station from a wide variety of locations.


P&G, Melbourne, Victoria P&G is the third largest supermarket chain in Victoria, and is also home to a number of shops and restaurants.


Waverley, Waverly, Melbourne Waverley is a major shopping centre and also home of the Westpac Gold Reserve.


Woolies, Darling Harbour, Melbourne