Trump administration pushes for more rail in California December 1, 2021 December 1, 2021 admin

President Donald Trump’s administration is pushing to expand rail in the state’s Central Valley, with the latest proposal aimed at bringing freight trains to a station in the town of Hornby.

Trump has pledged to use the state as a platform for more infrastructure projects, including an extension of the National Railroad Passenger Corporation’s (NRPC) rail line in Fresno.

“This is the next big step to modernizing our infrastructure in Central Valley communities and providing a modern service,” said NRPC Chairman David Brannan.

“It’s an important project that is going to create jobs, improve the quality of life for the people of Central Valley and will create new economic opportunities for the region.”

The state Department of Transportation is also seeking to expand the existing rail network in Fresno, which currently spans four counties.

“There are more rail lines than there are counties in California,” said Brannin.

“In the Central Valley we’re seeing a lot of consolidation.”

The Trump administration wants to open up more of the region to freight trains, which would allow them to bypass some of the obstacles of the state-owned NRPC.

In the past, Hornby’s population has grown rapidly, as more people moved into the city and surrounding rural areas.

Hornby, which has a population of 2,500, has struggled to keep up with the rapid growth in the area.

The city has struggled with rising property values and a shortage of housing, as well as the need to accommodate growth in workforce.

In 2016, the population of Hornbyrd County increased by 2,000, and in 2017 the county’s population increased by nearly 3,000.

Brannis administration also is pushing for more public transportation.

The president has repeatedly praised the work of the Federal Transit Administration and the Regional Transit Authority, both of which have recently begun building new stations in the Central River Valley.

Trump announced that he would expand the Federal Trolley and Light Rail, which runs through the region, to two new stations, both in Fresno and in Fresno County.

He has also called for more federal funding for transit projects in Central, including the Northern California Regional Transit System, which connects the Fresno area to the rest of the Sacramento area.

Federal funds are expected to make up more than half of the $11.3 billion in federal transportation funds the Trump administration has requested from Congress.

“I think the Trump Administration is very, very interested in bringing rail service into Central Valley,” said Tracie Miller, director of the Sierra Club’s transportation program.

“We’ve been pushing the federal government to support Central Valley rail for a long time.

The Trump Administration’s support of these projects is really great news for Central Valley.”