U.S. launches second round of airstrikes against ISIS stronghold July 20, 2021 July 20, 2021 admin

The U.N. Security Council on Wednesday renewed its call for military action against ISIS strongholds in Iraq and Syria, with the U.K. and France adding their voice to calls for a U.NS. resolution condemning the group.

The Security Council, which has been unable to agree on a resolution for months, also approved a measure to establish a U-turn mechanism to ease travel restrictions for the next six months.

Russia, which backed the original U.SA resolution in December, said it would work to provide more support to the U.-backed fighters.

The U.NAIDS resolution, which was approved unanimously, calls on all states and armed groups to immediately cease their attacks on civilians, civilian infrastructure and other civilian structures.

It also urges the U-S.

and U.L.O. to immediately begin discussions to create a unified command for the UAN.

The council said it has the power to adopt resolutions, but it does not have the power under the United Nations Charter to authorise armed conflict.

The resolution comes after the United States on Monday said it was suspending military cooperation with Saudi Arabia, which it accuses of funding and supporting the group, as well as Iraq and Iran, which have been bombing the group in Syria.

The Saudi government has said it is working with the United Arab Emirates and Qatar to help stop the militants from crossing the border into the United Kingdom.

The United States has also imposed sanctions on three members of the UAE’s royal family, saying they were linked to supporting ISIS.

The three were detained by the UAE in early April after a UAV-fired missile struck a security checkpoint in the country’s eastern city of Sharjah.

Saudi Arabia says it is cooperating with the international coalition in its fight against the group but denies it has any role in funding and training the militants.