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An investigation into the death of a former medical technician has revealed that he was unlawfully killed by an employee of a medical company.

Dr John Fowlie, 52, was found dead at his home in Cumbria, England, on April 25, the same day his former employer, Westport Health, announced it was closing down its medical clinic in the town due to the death.

A jury has returned a verdict in the case and a final judgement is due to be handed down on June 2.

Westport Health’s closure announcement had been made on April 26.

Fowlie had been working as a medical technician in Westport from December last year.

He had been with the company for almost four years and had been on staff since 2008.

The inquest into Dr Fowlies death heard that on March 20, he received an email stating that the company was closing the medical clinic and that he should “be advised that the closure will be in place for the next four weeks”.

On March 22, he arrived at work at 5.30am and was given a phone call from his boss informing him that the hospital would be closed for the night.

After work, Fowlis house was searched by police and police officers were then called to his home.

When Fowlishs wife, Jane, called the hospital to inform them of his death, the police officers asked for his address, and he replied “Cumbria”, meaning the same address that he had given in the email.

Police later said Fowlice had told them he had received a phone message from his former company stating he was going to be fired.

They said Fowillys wife and daughter were taken into custody.

Later, when Fowlisli was questioned by police about the email, he said it had come from his phone.

‘This is a sad day for Westport’Westport Police Chief Constable Paul Green said he was “deeply shocked” by the outcome of the inquest.

“This is simply a tragic outcome of a tragic event that has taken place over a long period of time,” he said.

“[The company] did everything in their power to protect their employee.

We all wish them all the very best.”

Westborough Council, the local authority in Cumbernauld, confirmed it had taken over the business, which it owns, and had not given Fowlichs family an advance notice.

Its chairman, Paul Williams, said the closure announcement was not made “without due consideration” to the family’s wishes.

It had not been possible to say whether the closure was linked to the closure of the hospital or if the closure had been caused by a health problem.

Westport’s closure had sparked a number of protests in the region, including a march on the city centre in the city of Cumborg.

Last month, another inquest into the murder of Dr Fowllies wife and two daughters was held, where a jury heard that Dr Fowler had previously died of a heart attack.

According to the inquest report, he had been due to take part in a cardiac surgery in the UK.

At the time of his murder, Dr FOWLISHES wife and his daughter were attending a training session in the Netherlands, but were later taken to a medical clinic outside the country and put under a “medical hold” while a nurse was on duty.

On February 22, the coroner said that Fowlley had “failed to make arrangements” for his family to return home and that “there is evidence to suggest he may have been the victim of foul play”.

The coroner also said that Dr Flowlie’s death was a “serious case of self-inflicted death” and that there was no evidence of foul Play or malicious intent.