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A new team of archaeologists has discovered the remains of the World War II-era Starmade Station building that was built at the site of the former U.S. Air Force base on Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

According to the New England Journal of Medicine, the new site, which was established in 2008, was used for the base’s operations until the 1950s, when the base was decommissioned and the building was demolished.

The new site was established to preserve the original Starmadistro, which had been built in the 1940s to house the military base’s command, control and communications.

It was one of the last remaining structures of the original base that had been used during the war.

The Starmaderms building, a three-story structure, was built on the base in 1939 to house a U.F.O. testing facility.

The ruins of the Starmaders building can be seen on Cape May Island, about 50 miles (80 kilometers) north of Boston.

A small part of the base, the St. Mary’s building, which stands on the island, is also under excavation, according to CBS News.

The remains of what was once a Starmaster can be found inside the St Mary’s Building, which dates back to the late 1930s.

The team hopes to eventually reconstruct the Stadtmuseum, which contains some of the most valuable artifacts of the war, and bring the building back to life.

In the 1960s, the U.C. San Diego State University used the Stalemate Building, a one-story, wooden structure that was designed by William G. Sill, an architect who was a key architect for the U,S. Military.