What’s next for the Houston Rockets? June 30, 2021 June 30, 2021 admin

The Rockets announced on Wednesday that the team will play in the new Toyota Center in 2018, but it’s not quite clear what that will mean for their schedule.

The team is still scheduled to play three preseason games at its home in Houston and two games in Las Vegas, but the team said it will hold an open practice on July 14 and then play three games at home on Aug. 1, including a game on Aug, 9.

That could mean that the Rockets will play five preseason games in Houston before the season begins, and they’ll only have two games at their home before then.

That might not be a huge problem for the team, because it can play six games in the arena, but this could change things, said Jeff Goodman, an analyst with The Athletic.

If the Rockets are still playing preseason games on the West Coast, the team might not have a full schedule for the season.

There are some other possibilities, Goodman said.

The Rockets might play one exhibition game before the first two preseason games of the season, but if they play two preseason and one exhibition games, it could create scheduling conflicts with the league’s playoff schedule.

That would put the Rockets at a disadvantage.

But Goodman noted that the NBA is still working out its scheduling with the League Office.

The Rockets also are working on getting a new arena built for the 2020-21 season, so that they can open a new facility in 2018.

Houston has been searching for a new home since its current one is in San Antonio, but its search has stalled.