When it comes to building your own solar power station, how much do you need to build it? June 19, 2021 June 19, 2021 admin

The Federal Government is trying to crack down on solar station builders, who are charging thousands of dollars for solar panels that can be installed on existing stations, but are not required to comply with local building codes.

Federal building inspectors have been given new powers to inspect stations that are built using solar panels and have been instructed to make sure the panels are compliant with building codes and the regulations.

“We are looking at whether there’s a compliance issue, whether there is any lack of compliance or whether there are violations,” Inspector Mike Smith said.

The Federal Government said the new powers were being introduced to ensure the building of new solar power stations is not taking place without proper approval.

“A lot of the time the builder of a solar power plant, they’ll say, ‘Well, we’re just doing it on the roof,'” Federal Environment Minister Greg Hunt said.

“Well, I think it is in the building code, but it’s not in the Building Regulations.”

They may be in the regulations and it’s in the planning regulations, but they’re not in this code.

“The Department of Planning and Regional Development said the powers were aimed at protecting the future viability of existing solar power plants and “keeping the industry sustainable”.”

Building on the existing industry is vital to maintaining our industry’s future viability,” a spokeswoman said.

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