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A year ago, Sydney’s most expensive new hotel, the new Butterley Station building, was announced as the world’s most luxurious building, by Forbes magazine.

Now, a year later, a review of the building’s three-year construction has found that the hotel’s five-star accommodation is not only expensive but also a major source of pollution.

“It’s not the best hotel we’ve built in Sydney,” said Mike Fagan, managing director of Sydney-based luxury hotel firm Butterley.

“It’s a big mistake on our part, because it’s really bad.”

The building was built in 2009 by Bayswater Developments to serve as a new luxury hotel, but Fagan said the hotel never lived up to expectations, with a rate of pollution exceeding that of its neighbouring town of Chatswood.

“The building is one of the worst pollution sites we’ve ever built in the city,” he said.

“You can see the sewage coming in, and it’s just the worst we’ve been able to get on the property.”

The $20 billion Butterley station is a five-storey building with a rooftop terrace.

Photo: Supplied It was a massive undertaking for the development company, which was also responsible for a number of other projects including the development of the world-renowned Hilton Sydney, the $20 million-worth of residential units at the Darling Harbour waterfront, the redevelopment of a nearby shopping mall and the redevelopment in 2018 of the old Bondi Harbour terminal building.

“I don’t know if we were even aware of it at the time,” Fagan told Fairfax Media.

“I don.

It’s just really, really bad, and you can see it in the video we did of the site, it’s a huge site.”

The five-story building was designed by London-based architecture firm St John Architects and built on a 3.5-acre site in the heart of Sydney’s outer-west.

But the project was not approved by Sydney’s Planning and Environment Commission, and a lengthy process ensued before the project went ahead.

In October, the City of Sydney released a report, highlighting the environmental and economic impact of the development.

“Despite the high profile nature of the project, the project has also been subject to considerable controversy and the building has been the subject of considerable opposition,” the report said.

“Environmental concerns about the project have included noise from vehicles, construction noise and the risk of flooding from the roofing, which has resulted in considerable damage to the building.”

The project was approved by the Planning and Environmental Commission in April last year, but the city’s Environment Department said it was now looking into the building to make sure it complies with the latest pollution regulations.

“There is currently no evidence that the project will comply with the new building standard and there is no reason to believe that the construction of this building will be in breach of any of the Building Regulations,” it said in a statement.

“This project is subject to an Environmental Impact Assessment and is currently being assessed by the NSW Environment Protection Agency.”

Fagan said while he was initially concerned about the new hotel’s emissions, it was hard to believe there was not more work to do before it was built.

“You’d have to go and buy an entire new building to actually get the level of pollution you would need to be worried about,” he told Fairfax.

A new polluting property at Butterley on the Darling River. “

We are doing a lot of work on the site and we’ve got the building inspected in the next couple of weeks and the next two weeks we’ll have the building certified and the city will be on board with the project.”

A new polluting property at Butterley on the Darling River.

Photo by David Leggett.

In May, the city announced that it had been fined $15 million for failing to meet its pollution standards.

“The fine will be used to address the environmental issues associated with the development,” a spokesperson for the City told the ABC.

“The fine amounts to an average penalty of $12,000 per day, and is only payable if the fine is not paid within 14 days of the day on which it was issued.”

Fucking the city, Fagan and the other architects are now trying to persuade the city to consider their project as a potential site for a new hotel.

But Fagan isn’t letting the city off the hook.

“We’re going to keep working with the city and trying to get the best possible outcome for the city of Sydney,” he laughed.

“Hopefully, by the end of the year, we’ll be able to do the work to build a hotel that meets all the regulations.”

Fagan, along with other architects, is hoping the city would be willing to give the project the green light.

The city said it had “no plans” to buy the building, which