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MARVEL will have to work through a shortage of heaters and cold storage to keep its superheroes alive, as the city’s stations are left without any heat.

The first of the citys stations are set to be evacuated in a matter of hours after Melbourne Fire Services said they would have to turn to the emergency services for heating and cooling as a result of the fire.

The state government confirmed the evacuation was imminent.

“The evacuation will commence at 3pm tomorrow morning and will continue through to 8pm on Thursday night,” the state government said.

“It will be an ongoing process and will include the installation of heat, cold storage, and other equipment as required.”

The Victorian Government has been working to ensure that the fires do not spread beyond the city and its surrounding suburbs.

On Thursday night, it announced that firefighters had successfully extinguished the fire at the city of Melbourne’s station building, after crews were called to the scene to find it engulfed in flames.

“At about 3pm on Wednesday, Melbourne Fire Service (MFS) was called to a fire at Melbourne Station, at 5:35pm.

The fire was extinguished within a matter for approximately seven minutes,” a statement said.

Emergency services have also been called to Melbourne’s Central Station, after a man died after suffering a heart attack and a second man died of a heart condition.

“Emergency services were called shortly after 6pm to the Central Station for a man suffering a cardiac arrest, who had been admitted to hospital,” a spokesperson for the fire service said.

Police are assisting in the firefighting efforts, which are expected to continue until Friday morning.”MFS will assist with the investigation into the cause of the blaze, and MFS is liaising with the NSW Ambulance Service and the NSW Emergency Services,” the spokesperson said.

In a statement on Thursday, Melbourne Mayor Greg Hunt said he was “devastated” by the loss of life, while acknowledging that the city had had “a tough couple of days”.

“Our hearts go out to the families and loved ones of those lost in this tragedy, but we also know the Melbourne Fire Brigade has a long, difficult journey ahead of them,” Mr Hunt said.

Melbourne’s stations will be shut for a week while the emergency service investigates the cause and works to make sure the fire is contained.

Melbourne Fire and Rescue Service is still investigating the cause.

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