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As a reminder, this week is Black Friday, and it’s also a time when we are going to be seeing the latest in deals and deals.

Here are the big deals for the week of November 20th through 21st, which is Black Thursday.

The first major deal of the week comes courtesy of Comcast, which has already announced that it is offering customers $1.99 off any broadband plan that includes the Comcast XFINITY X1 and X1+ plans.

Comcast X1 subscribers are getting an $89.99 credit on their bill.

That’s a pretty big deal for XFINITIES X1 customers.

As we mentioned in our post on Black Friday deals, XFINities X1 is one of the cheapest broadband plans out there, and we’re looking forward to it being more affordable over the next few months.

The next big deal of Black Friday comes from AT&T. The AT&