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Garden station in Garden City, N.J., built in 1904 by the company that later became General Motors, has been a popular location for bicycling and walking for decades.

In 2016, the city added a pedestrian bridge that opened the Garden Station to cars and pedestrians. 

But the city is planning to build a new pedestrian bridge. 

There will also be a bike path. “

It will include a bike lane, and traffic signals, and signage. 

There will also be a bike path. 

The new pedestrian crossing will also connect the property to the park.” 

The company says the bridge will “support a diverse array of uses” from recreational riding to cycling. 

But the Garden station is just a short drive from New Jersey Transit’s train station, so the company said the project will also have a direct effect on people who are already using the station. 

According to the video, the bridge’s construction will also mean the Garden City Council “will have the ability to negotiate the best uses for the property for the next 30 years.” 

But there’s one big problem. 

On the city’s website, the video states that the GardenStation will be used by “people who ride bikes and walk,” which means the new pedestrian trail will be just a foot wide. 

We reached out to the Garden State Transportation Authority, which oversees the GardenStateTrail, and they told us they’re not aware of any plans for a new trail in the Garden state. 

GardenStateTrails is the city of Garden City’s main transit project, which was announced in 2013. 

They have a bike-share program, but the city has not yet implemented it on the Gardenstation. 

To be clear, this is just one example of a few of the many problems that can come with a new urban trail system, like the ones outlined in a recent New Jersey Transportation Research Board study. 

Here are a few more that we think should be discussed: What happens if people walk to the trail? 

There’s no signage on the bridge indicating when or where people are going to walk. 

How many people will use the trail before it’s completed? 

Currently, there’s no way to estimate the number of people who will use it before it is complete. 

If the Garden is built to accommodate more people, then it will mean the city will have to decide what to do with the trail after it’s built. 

Where will people park? 

The Garden StateTrail will be built across from the city, which will mean that parking is going to be difficult. 

What about traffic? 

Some cities have built bike lanes and other safety improvements into existing public transit systems, but this is not the case in Garden State, which is currently building a pedestrian bike path with a dedicated space. 

Why is this a problem? 

Many cities have been using public transit to get around because it was convenient, and many people like to ride the bike or walk.

But many people don’t like to walk, because it’s expensive and takes up space.