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An explosion at a construction site in south-west Sydney has destroyed a number of buildings at the south-western side of the Union Station, with the damage estimated at $500 million.

Key points:The explosion happened at the construction site at the site of a new Union Station building in south Sydney’s north-westThe explosion is being treated as an “unprecedented” incident at the stationA worker is in a critical condition at the sceneThe construction site has been closed until further noticeA worker at the South Central Construction Company (SCCC) has been taken to hospital with minor injuries, police say.

“It was a very loud bang,” a witness said.

“We heard a boom, and then two large explosions.”

The blast was heard for more than 15 minutes, with a nearby building nearby also heard.

“People were running for their lives and then the building collapsed,” a worker at SCCC told ABC News.

“I was on the ground when it happened.

The building shook for about 15 minutes.””

It’s a huge explosion, and the people that were standing on the site are being treated by paramedics and emergency services.”

The building itself collapsed quite easily.

“Police are treating the explosion as an incident at Union Station and the construction of a replacement building at Gallipoli has been put on hold while investigations are carried out.

The SCCC confirmed it had received an alert from the NSW Civil Defence and Emergency Management Agency about the building, which was expected to be completed in the first quarter of next year.

A spokesperson said the incident happened on the construction line at the junction of the new Union and North Sydney lines.”

Due to the nature of the work, it is now on hold for a time,” they said.

Mr Brown said the construction would now move on.”

Obviously we’re working through it as quickly as possible,” he said.ABC News: The South West Line will run from Ballarat to Melbourne, and is expected to have the longest track in the country.

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