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The cost of a trip to see a show or an opera in one of Australia’s best-known opera houses can be staggering, with ticket prices often exceeding $30,000.

What can you expect to pay?

The average ticket price at Sydney Opera House has gone up from $4,400 to $10,500 in the past year.

Photo: SuppliedBut what if you wanted to see Sydney Opera, the Sydney Opera Garden, the Royal Opera House, or The Sydney Opera?

If you wanted that, you could go to one of the three ticket-buying centres on the city’s Central Coast.

But you could also travel to the city and buy your ticket at one of three other ticket-shopping centres.

Here are some of the best ticket prices at Sydney’s Opera House and the other two ticket-selling centres, The Sydney Harbour Centre and The Sydney Waterfront Centre.

For an introduction to the Opera House ticketing system, read the article Opera House tickets go on sale at 11am on Sunday August 16, with prices ranging from $2,400 for the most basic ticket to $14,000 for the highest-priced ticket.

The ticket price for the cheapest ticket is $4.50 and you can buy tickets from the ticket booths.

It is available on a first come first serve basis and is not available at the gate.

The Sydney Opera Theatre is one of only a few major theatres in the world to be owned by a foreign company, the Opera Australia Group.

The opera house has a history of attracting international visitors to Australia, particularly from the US.

In 2012, Opera Australia’s board said the company wanted to continue its relationship with the Sydney region and its audiences.

The Opera Australia-owned opera house is not the only venue that is selling tickets.

Ticketmaster has expanded the price range of its Sydney tickets to a maximum of $10.50 from $8.50.

It also launched its online ticketing service.

A popular way to travel to Sydney is by train, with trains running every 10 minutes.

The Sydney MetroRail system also runs between Sydney and Melbourne, with the most popular lines, including the Sydney and Sydney Tram, the Melbourne Metro, and the Melbourne-Sydney Line, all connecting between the two cities.

For information on other train ticket options, read this article The Sydney metro is also a popular way for commuters to travel from Sydney to Melbourne.

The line also connects between Melbourne and the Gold Coast, with Sydney-Melbourne trains arriving at the Goldfields and leaving the Gold Fields at the City of Sydney.

Tickets on the Sydney Metro train are priced from $20.00 for the first person to go up to $50.00 per person for an adult, and from $40.00 to $60.00 on an adult with a children’s seat.

There is no fee for children under four, with children’s tickets starting at $20 per child.

The metro’s ticket vending machines can be found in stations across the Sydney metropolitan area, and you will need to present a valid driver’s licence or a valid passport to purchase tickets.