Wok-builds to become vape stations, vapes shops, vape shops in the U.S. October 29, 2021 October 29, 2021 admin

An international company is building vape shops, shops and other vape-related businesses in the United States, but only after it completed an extensive study of local vaping communities, the company said on Monday.

The study, led by the United Kingdom-based Vapor Ventures, included interviews with roughly 1,000 people who live in and around Detroit’s downtown and surrounding neighborhoods.

The companies said that while the companies will use the information to make its plans, it is not the company’s intent to open any retail locations.

Vapor Ventures said that in the months leading up to the study, the companies interviewed thousands of residents and businesses, including vaping shops, coffee shops, grocery stores and convenience stores.

They said they are also conducting an extensive community outreach program.

“We’ve been in discussions with the local vape community to see if they’d be interested in joining us,” VV said in a statement.

“We’re working with them to see how we can do this, to make our product and experience accessible to more people.”

The U.K.-based company has also set up an online store, called Vapor Express, which is intended to help people shop for vaping gear in the local market, and which is aimed at providing information and referrals to people in need.

VV, which operates in Europe and the United Arab Emirates, said it will be in the process of creating a store in the Twin Cities and is looking for a location.

A company that makes e-cigarettes and vaporizers, called eVapors, has also been seeking an outlet in the city.

The company said it is looking to expand into Detroit and elsewhere.

The city’s mayor said last month that he had heard of no interest from any businesses or individuals for a new vape shop.